Two Types of Tarot Readings


Two Types of Tarot Readings

While you’re starting out doing tarot readings, it’s vital to remember that there are fundamental types of readings, and that these readings are very different.

The Query

Many Tarot readings center around a query that the querent has asked. Your total reading will deal with this query and how each card and each location deals with that issue.

The General Reading

Sometimes the querent just needs a common reading. «Do a tarot reading for me.» In this case you should gear the reading more towards things that have affected or are nonetheless affecting the querent, and the way they’ll finest reply to the situation.

The similarities:

At any time when doing a tarot reading, I wish to concentrate on a number of things:

Querent participation

Have the querent think of their query (if they’ve one) and shuffle the cards

If the querent has a question and is comfortable, ask them to say the question out loud.

As you progress by way of every card, confirm with the querent on the meaning. This will alow you to tweak not solely the which means for that card, but will give you insights to use with each following card.

Your function as the reader

Do not try to ‘predict the future’ or appear ‘mystical’. One of the best SuEllen Shepard Intuitive Tarot readings are those which give attention to how the querent can finest react to the issues in his or her life.

Keep in mind that you are neither omnipotent nor omniscient. Appearing like you could have some mystical key to the power of the universe because you spent $19.95 at Barnes and Nobles and checked out a book from the library DOES NOT add to your credibility as a reader.

The Variations:

What Spreads you should utilize

Common readings

For a general reading with somebody new, I always use the Celtic Cross spread. I’m not saying that this is one of the best spread, or even my favourite, nevertheless it lends itself very well to a normal reading, and it provides you a lot opportunities for feedback alongside the best way, and I all the time find that I can pull things collectively into a reading that they are going to be proud of by the end.

Question Readings

When somebody has a particular query, I tend to make use of fewer cards — particularly in the event that they’re prepared to state the query and I’ve some concept the place the question is going. I discover that a 5 card spread is normally the very best for one question, and I do a number of three card spreads if they have many.

Your targets

Common reading

Your fundamental goal in the beginning of a normal reading must be on reading the present situation, together with the past. Cope with the forces that are at work within the querent’s life, and what attitudes or actions will finest assist them in coping with these forces. This is, by nature, very general, and doesn’t have to be given in the form of advice.


Your objective in a query reading should be to answer the querent’s query without telling them what to do. Many querents will ask you some pretty direct questions, and they’re going to need specific answers (I as soon as had a querent inform me that she was going to have her boyfriend over for pizza and a movie, and wished me to help her choose the pizza dimension and toppings, and pick the film for them to observe). Do not forget that the Tarot is a information and never a manual. Your job as a reader is to give steerage to the querent, and NOT to inform them what to do. I’m going to repeat this because it is vital: DO NOT SPECIFICALLY TELL YOUR CLIENT WHAT TO DO.


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